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New Homeowners Packet

Please review the resource items below. As a new Edgemont Ranch property owner, these links will cover topics of interest to you. Fill out and return, or email your "Owner Information for the Database" form. Use this form for any future email, phone changes or updates that you may have. If you are currently leasing your property, it is important for you to fill out the "ERMD Landlord Payment Obligation Form" and return it to the office, or email it to We hope this answers your questions concerning your new purchase here at Edgemont Highlands, if not, please email your questions to, or call the office at 970-259-3102.

See the ERMD - Metro payment option listed below, (for water, sewer, and snow removal)Xpress Bill Pay, for Edgemont Ranch. Open page for info on this internet payment system, to see if this is something you would like to use.


 01 - ERMD Welcome Letter 9-8-17 02 - ERMD Information Form for Database 03 - ERMD Landlord Payment Obligation Form 7-10-134- Rate Schedule - Effective 1-1-24.pdf 05 - ERMD Water & Sewer Installation Guidelines 1-22-09 06 - ERMD Water & Sewer Inspection Requirements 2-24-11 07 - ERMD Current Drinking Water Quality Report for 2020 08 - ERMD Highlands - Edgemont - Road Safety Letter 5-4-12 09 - ERMD Road Policy - Rules of the Road 4-28-14 10 - ERMD Sample Metro Bill 11 - ERMD Xpress Bill Pay - Metro Payment Info