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ERMD - Edgemont Ranch Metropolitan District

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Edgemont Ranch Metropolitan District (ERMD) The Metro services all subdivisions: Ranch, Highlands, and the Meadows with water/sewer/snow removal and roads. See Governing Documents, Meeting Minutes, Financials, etc. below.
Information displayed is based on your user/security role. Metro has recently included quarterly testing & reports on the water quality - see first folder below. If there is something not displaying that you wish to review, please contact the staff or submit request via the online management office.

See the ERMD payment option, Xpress Bill Pay, listed below for Edgemont Ranch, Highlands and Meadows residents. Open page for info on this internet payment system to see if this is something you would like to use. Call the office, 970-259-3102, to find out your customer/account number to put in the form.