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Wildfire Adapted Partnership Mission Links & Bark Beetle

The W.A.P. Mission

Wildfire Adapted Partnership strives to keep lives, homes, and property from being damaged by wildfire. We provide education, planning and mitigation support to spark wildfire preparedness in the hearts of our neighbors! Click here to access the W.A.P. Website.

Not sure what action to take and need a little guidance?

Property Assessments:

Fire Smart L.L.C. do the chipping work for Edgemont Ranch on the springtime clean-up "Chipper Days". They also do individual property assessments and mitigation work for homeowners.

Contact: Jon Westrup

Phone: (970)759-3707

Click here to access the Fire Smart Durango web page.

The La Plata County FireWise Coordinator is available to conduct individual property assessments for homeowners.

Contact: Charlie Landsman, La Plata County Coordinator


Bark Beetle Review

  • Are you concerned about bark beetle infestation? Fall is a good time to inspect for signs before they become active  in June/July. 
  • EPOA has hired the Colorado State Forest Service to do a tree inspection on our common areas to determine if we have any bark beetle infestation.
  • Two publication links are below regarding information about Bark Beetles as well as signs you should look for if you inspect the trees on your property.
  • If you have concerns and want an expert opinion and inspection you can contact the Colorado State Forest Service. They will come and inspect the trees on your private lot.



Kent Grant
District Forester
Colorado State Forest Service, Durango District

FLC 7233
Address: 1000 Rim Drive (Fort Lewis College Campus)
Durango, CO 81301-3908
Phone:  970-247-5250
FAX:  970-247-5252