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Facilities on Edgemont Ranch Unit 1


GENERAL USE - The recreation facilities at Edgemont Ranch are for the primary and sole use of residents, renters, property owners, and their accompanied guests. All persons must display this tag when using recreational facilities.

FISHING - Edgemont Ranch residents have the opportunity to fish on a mile and a half of the Florida River. The river is stocked annually by the Edgemont Ranch Property Owners Association to ensure it is highly populated and the fishing is excellent. The following policy must be adhered to:
" Either fly-fishing or spin casting is acceptable.
" Only artificial baits with barb-less hooks are allowed. (No salmon eggs, power bait, marshmallows, etc.)
" A catch-and-release policy is in effect.
" To gain access to the river, persons in compliance with the "General Use Policy" must sign in a registry located on the porch of the Water Plant.
" The EPOA tag must be displayed at all times while fishing.
" Proper fishing etiquette must be maintained.

There is a sign-up sheet located outside the ERMD Water Plant for fishermen to sign before going to the river.

TENNIS COURT - A fenced tennis court is located on The Eagle Pass. A sign-up sheet is located at the entrance. Please reserve your time for use of the court.

HIKING/EXERCISE TRAILS - Seven miles of rock-lined and maintained trails have been established on the ranch and are suitable for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, or cross country skiing. See the Trail Map for a description and location of each trail. **Please note certain trails are designated "hiking only", excluding bicycles and horses from these trails.**
See enclosed map.

Certain trails will be groomed during the winter months, when snow allows, for Cross Country Skiing. See the chalkboards located at each mailbox area for trails that have been groomed.

PLAYGROUND - A children's playground is located alongside the tennis court.